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Upgrades are an important element of Mines of Dalarnia since they could definetely make the difference between success and failure in a mining run. There are 10 types of Upgrades, and each of them have peculiar characteristics useful in different situations.

Upgrades apply to equipment and suit modules, some of them are unavailable or reported as broken when starting the game, but can be unlocked/repaired with resources obtained during mining runs.


Equipment Upgrades

Pickaxe - Primary tool for mining operations.

Backpack - Storage for your findings.

Boots - Provide additional jumps and protection.

Bomb - Pressure bombs used to clear a path and decimate monsters.

Drill - Secondary tool for mining operations, enables mining through several tiles at once.

Canar-E - A companion that alerts about dangers, valuable resources and hazards.


Suit Upgrades

Health - Reinforcements in mining suit to sustain more damage.

Oxygen - Suit module to survive during Terra and Toxic Class explorations.

Heat Sink - Suit module to survive during Volcanic Class explorations.

Antifreeze - Suit module to survive during Arctic Class explorations.


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