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There are currently 20 different ores that can be found in Mines of Dalarnia, each of them has an associated rarity tier, and corresponding value. Currently players cannot exchange or sell ores in their possession.

The ores can be subdivided in seven tiers of rarity going from Gray to Violet.[1]


Ores List

Tier 1: Gray

Scrap - An assortment of junk and debris. Use it as a base to improve your gear and craft other items.

Tier 2: Light Yellow

Falun Copper - Copper that is commonly found in Terra Mines.

Iron Ore - Can be smelt to make useful tools.

Saganite Crystal - A crystal made up of muti-colored shards.

Tier 3: Yellow

Stellar Shards - Made from shining and shimmering shards that eventually formed together.

Silver Nugget - A chunk of pure silver. A precious metal used for many purposes.

Valkerite - A gem that gives off a purple glow. Its natural light helps some miners to navigate through the Dark Mines.

Tier 4: Green

Elsytium - This cluster of cool-colored crystals are usually formed in a body of water.

Ragnorite Gemstone - A great source of nuclear power. Must be handled carefully, as it is highly radioactive.

Gold Nugget - A chunk of pure gold. Used more for displays of wealth than anything of particular use.

Tier 5: Blue

Plutos Pearl - A dark, translucent pearl that gives off with a dim purple light.

Kaleidoscopic Amber - The light reflected from the gemstone creates many unique patterns, and leaves miners mesmerized.

Tier 6: Violet

Galaxy Geode - Vibrant, colorful and exceedingly hard to come across. The sparkles it gives off are reminiescent of stars in the night sky.

Chromite - A very valuable orb; it's solid pink shine and polish makes it a prized treasure among collectors.

Petrified Neon - A distractingly bright yellow material that gives off a fair amount of light. Try not to stare directly at it.

Atlas Stone - A round stone, that surprisingly holds great potential for producing durable tools.

Tier 7: Orange

Prisminium - No matter how you hold it, this gem is always enveloped in brillant color. A gem of beauty and high value.

Crystalized Plasma - A crystal that exudes a beautiful glow. Found in the depths of the Lava Mines.

Frozen Magmatite - Lava condensed and chilled to create this unique mineral. Despite being frozen, it's warm to the touch.

Void Pearl - A pearl materialized from pure darkness. A rare and highly unstable resource.