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Achievements tab.png
Achievements tab

Mines of Dalarnia keeps track of player progression and rewards it through achievement badges.

There are currently 31 Achievements in Mines of Dalarnia, they are subdivided in three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
When players satisfy an achievement condition it will be unlocked and shown in the Achievements tab.


Achievements Table

Bronze ach.png Mine Runner
Rent a mine from the market and complete a mining run
Bronze ach.png Getting Serious
Log in with a Chromia vault
Bronze ach.png Explorer
Complete a mining run in an environment other than Terra
Bronze ach.png Breaker
Mine over 500 blocks
Bronze ach.png Destroyer
Mine over 1000 blocks
Silver ach.png Ravager
Mine over 5000 blocks
Gold ach.png Ravager 2
Mine over 10,000 blocks
Gold ach.png Carpal Tunneler
Mine over 100,000 blocks
Bronze ach.png Pancake
Get Smashed By A Boulder
Bronze ach.png Monster Hunter
Kill one Molerat
Silver ach.png Exterminator
Kill 100 hostile creatures
Gold ach.png Endangered Species
Kill 500 hostile creatures
Bronze ach.png All in the Wrist
Toss 100 bombs
Bronze ach.png Investor
Buy your first plot of land from the market
Silver ach.png Tycoon
Buy your tenth plot of land from the market
Gold ach.png The Boss
Buy your 50th plot of land from the market
Bronze ach.png Traveller
Mine 4 different types of environments
Bronze ach.png Heavy Hitter
Upgrade your Pickaxe past Grade D
Bronze ach.png Mr. Driller
Upgrade your Drill past Grade D
Silver ach.png Pierce the Heavens
Upgrade your Drill to Grade S
Silver ach.png Best Friend
Upgrade your Canary to Grade S
Silver ach.png Rocket Miner
Upgrade your Boots to Grade S
Gold ach.png Heavy Equipment
Upgrade all items to Grade S
Gold ach.png Collector
Own one of each mineral in your inventory
Bronze ach.png Hole Punch
Land on and survive spikes 10 times
Bronze ach.png Magma Magnate
Put up a Lava mining plot lease
Gold ach.png Mint Condition
Complete a run without taking any damage
Silver ach.png Discoverer
Find your first Chromite
Gold ach.png Developer
List your first refinery for sale
Gold ach.png Port Master
Craft one of each type of refinery
Gold ach.png The Mayor
Have 20 plots up for lease at one time